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Accountmanager buitendienst uit Sliedrecht Zuid-Holland

Over zichzelf

Bovenmatig bewezen succesvol op commercieel vlak. Onlangs begin dit jaar wat nieuwe planten kennis opgedaan bij Altena BV op de afdeling order verwerking

Nummer 40348

Opleidingsniveau: MBO

Persoonlijke gegevens

Gemeente: Sliedrecht
Geboortedatum: 19-04-1967

Werken in de sector Sierteelt

  • Verkoper

Werken in de sector Bloemen- en plantenhandel

  • Verkoper

Werken in de sector Boomkwekerij

  • Verkoper / medewerker binnendienst

Anoniem CV


Naam:   Roepnaam: Jos

Dorp: Sliedrecht  
Land: Nederland
Geboortedatum: 19-04-1967 te Wouw

Status: getrouwd
2 kinderen, een van 25 , 18 jaar oud en 1 stiefkind 21 jaar.
Rijbewijs  B vaarbewijs  1 en 2 en heftrukcertificaat helaas verlopen


  • Ik ben iemand die graag zaken voor mensen organiseert en regelt. Het is voor mij op het lijf
  • geschreven om processen te bewaken en te begeleiden. Ik ben goed in communicatie op elk niveau.
  • Ik kan mensen overtuigen, indien nodig. Evenals hen adviseren en begeleiden. Ik heb mensen in
  • groepen begeleid door natuurlijke leiding, maar hielp hen ook om meer kennis te vergaren en te behouden
  •  Ik kan goed omgaan met hoge werkdruk, betreft processen, die op korte termijn moeten worden voltooid
  • Ik zal er alles aan doen om ervoor te zorgen, dat deze projecten en trajecten  tot een goed resultaat leiden.
  • Als dat betekent dat ik langer moet werken, of dat ik meer moet doen, vind ik dat prima.
  •  Ik ben altijd punctueel en op tijd, tenzij er een gebeurtenis van kracht plaatsvindt vind ik dat prima.
  • Maar dan weet ik zeker, dat ik degene ben, die de desbetreffendepersoon zal informeren en ook contact mijn meerdere opneem om zaken in goede banen te leiden.
  • Met de kennis en sales-ervaring die ik in de loop der jaren heb opgedaan, weet ik zeker dat ik de juistepersoon zal zijn voor deze functie, binnen uw organisatie.

  • MAVO college Heilige Geest Rooseveldlaan , 4624 DN, Bergen op Zoom.
    HAVO college Moller lyceum Bolwerk-Zuid 168, 4611 DX,  Bergen op Zoom
    Examenvakken: Dutch, English, physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, science of geography .
     Diploma received.
     MBO 4 MLTS Breda Frankenthalerstraat 15,  4816 KA, Breda
     Tree-cultivation additional also exam German and Commercial Economics. Diploma received.
     Military education, Commandant YPR, after that: officer special forces (OCOSD Breda)
     Certificate : management NCOI
    Fork lift truck certificate  
    Corse : Social Hygiene/ horeca diploma   
    Corse : chemical engineering and food technology (at Lamp Weston Meijer)
    Certificate : Appeal and invoking law in 2017 at Reef Project management
    1989-1991: Meijer Frozen Foods BV, Stationsweg 18 A, 4416 PJ, Kruiningen  
    Quality Assurance Officer
    Assessment and registration of quality of products with regard to semi-finished products and finished
    products. Monitoring quality of transport water and bacteriological processes. Checking oil on free
    fat acid. Checking packages at expiration dates. Measuring core temperatures with respect to shelf
    life. Feedback to the line operators for the adjustment of production processes. At this firm I was also
    broadcast to external firms that process had taken over technical matters which also had to be
    1991-2002:  Lamp Weston Meijer, Stationsweg 18 A, 4416 PJ, Kruiningen
    Proces Operator/Super Intendant
    Responsible for setting up of machine and process installations, start-up of the plants at the
    beginning of the service, performing quality checks and register of process data. In addition,
    occupational health, safety and environment, were also important aspects of this function.
    Summarized as process operator I have ensured an efficient, reliable and safe conduct of the
    processes in the factory according to HACCP procedures and instructions.  



Then is my SI became ill. I took over his job description and for that half a year i worked are
supervised  (20 fte). Including  reports and all of the other management procedures. Daily Production
consultation, consultation with raw material planning, consultation with sales related to the logistics
area. Maintaining the occupation of people on the production line. Interact with Department of
2002-2008:  Computer Centrum Zeeland, Walstraat 10, 4381EE, Vlissingen (eigen zaak)
in charge of departments Purchase, repair and sales (5 fte)  
I was responsible for the overall day-to-day management of the computer shop. The repair broken
PCs and recover of lost files on the computers. Installing and removing hardware and software. Sale
and purchase of new PCs. In addition there was an internal Gamecentre 16 game PC's and 10
internet PCs where I had a business leader appointed to the case.
2008-2009 Restaurant Kreta BV. Walstraat 12-14, 4381 EE, Vlissingen (own business)
 Leader of Greek restaurant. (9 fte)
Maintaining the occupation on the kitchen staff, cleaning staff and waitress staff. Track timesheets.
Contact and ordering purchase of products with the suppliers. Paying bills and salaries. As request
have consultation with the accountant about payroll and timesheets and tax. Responsibilities, were
all of my concern.
2010-2012  Stichting Zeeuwind. Postbus 5054, 4380 KB Vlissingen
Initiating trial plant
Installing, setting up and monitoring small wind turbines of 0.3 KW. Installation of the generator,
which is powered by wind to generate power. The flow goes through the mast by cable to the
transformer station, where the voltage is increased to 100 Volt to transport energy as efficiently as
possible. From the transformer it will be converted to 230 main voltage. Tuning of just linked
inverters for optimal yields. In addition we maintained also island setups that also were connected. In
addition, I have experience with laying, maintaining, and tuning of solar panels and their
adjustments. I followed the processing by computer and installed frame networks to make
adjustment on plant from home.
2012-2015  Stork/Interlas Oranjelaan 56, 3181 HA, Rozenburg afdeling Botlek.
Teamleader Warehouse
All needs for warehouse support. This responsibility involved logistical operation within the
warehouse of Interlas and their movement to the Botlek. I managed  6fte employees. One of my
tasks were to ensure effective and efficient use of the warehouse. To make sure that optimal logistics
process of goods could be realized, in order to optimally concerns to customers wish. My
customers/clients were  Pon, AUDI, Volkswagen that used Fronius, a computer program. I maintained
and managed stock management and made the agreements with the suppliers. In addition, I was also
responsible for the administrative process of the logistics which are compiled on lean 6 sigma which


was implemented. Finally, I was responsible evaluation of staff, such that all work was fulfilled, with
minimum occupation and time period.
2016-2017  Nuon B2B  Leeuwenveldseweg 18, 1382 LX Weesp
Sales Account manager B2B
I independently approached potential customers with a CHAMBER of COMMERCE on selected
addresses by NUON and was personal responsible for the sales and re-placement of gas and power
contracts. No appointments were made, so it was completely cold-calling. I had very good sales
results, which I, if you’re interested I can show. My biggest achievement was that I have won a cup
for the best and most sales. Which I am very proud off.  I had among other clients a huge
construction company as a customer, with which I have put down large numbers of sales. I had a
better offer from another organization, also in the energy sector, making this decision I've taken
resign of my job at NUON. In retrospect it  turned out to be a failure because that the new
organization was unable to pay the promised commissions.  
 2018-2019  Focus Group Weena 282 Rotterdam
I independently approached potential customers with a CHAMBER of COMMERCE on selected
addresses by the Focusgroup, as I was personal responsible, for the sales and re-placement of gas
and power contracts. In this case appointments were made, so it was completely warm leads. I had
very good sales results with them. We worked with different kind of organizations like Total and
Qwint and NLE.   
I have been occupied with the novelty of crypto industry. It went so well last year that I have been
thinking about to make a full living with it. I started with the purchase of various types of miners,
including SHA 256 and scrypt mining and GPU and CPU miners. In addition I had miners with the x 11
asic protocol(algorithm) which I monitored on the difficulty of the mining blocks. I had most of my
miners packed in a data center. Unfortunately for me, it is not yet profitable enough, to make
enough earning’s for living. In addition, I'm active member in the community of Electracoin and
Poliscoin and also like other emerging coins and developments in this industry. Including wallet
updates and POS mining products. This is new novelty in the world and is still at their prepatory
stage. The blockchain sector on this moment it remains at a very incipient level of development and
in Wien(Austria) are the first trials.  I am very excited about this new technology and am sure that it
will enhance the world of business. But all do so, we’ll still have to hands on, to make earnings for
our home.  
To relax I like to dance at salsa music, with my wife. Also I find it marvelous to go on holiday, to a ski
area in France, like La Plagne.  

2019; Planten verkoper voor Altena plant.

Graag zou ik u willen ontmoeten voor een persoonlijk gesprek, zodat ik een en ander aan u kan
Met Vriendelijke Groet,



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